September 28, 2021

University of Antwerp dives into business

The valorisation policy of the University of Antwerp is aimed at providing maximum support to its spin-offs. A team of internal and external experts supports entrepreneurial researchers in realising their spin-off. They are prepared through the ‘Dive into Business’ training programmes in which they learn more on intellectual property, funding sources for valorisation and tip & tricks to start-up a spin-off.

Deep Dive into Business

In cooperation with the Antwerp Management School, the Deep Dive into Business programme is organised every two years. Topics such as business modeling, value proposition and business financing are discussed in depth and applied to the own business case. In this way, we prepare our researchers to develop a solid business case and to pitch before a jury of potential investors.

The programme creates a safe environment in which the various spin-offs-in-the-making are brought together to scrutinise their business opportunity and strengthen their business case by learning from experts as well as their peers, and as such build up a network within the UAntwerp spin-off community.

Video on the 2019 edition

No one appeals more to entrepreneurs than entrepreneurs. In the 2021 edition we welcomed Ben Bellekens, founder of CrowdScan, to share his experience on pivoting a business model and to share his experience on how to attract external funding. 

“As a young entrepreneur and start-up, it is important to understand the drivers within a company to focus on the value creation which is validated with customers. This value creation process is linked to operational priorities and long-term strategic decisions such as finding funding. In CrowdScan, we strongly believe in the power of a well-balanced team and a strong ecosystem position.”

Tournée Générale

Once the spin-off is launched, the company becomes a member of the vibrant UAntwerp spin-off community. They come together during the ‘Tournée Générale’ to network and learn about interesting topics specific to the business world. All this is coordinated by the University of Antwerp, which thus continuously supports its entrepreneurial talent.

Cover picture: Photo UAntwerp

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