May 27, 2021

DCU will host two MSCA Individual Fellowships

Dublin City University will host two MSCA Individual Fellowships: Dr Payam Ansari will be joining the DCU Business School under the mentorship of Dr Gary Sinclair. The title of his project is: Developing Fan Engagement For Increasing Participation, Attendance and Commercial Value in Women’s Football. Dr Jelena Gligorijevic will be joining the School of Theology, Philosophy, and Music under the mentorship of Dr John O’Flynn. The title of her project is: Sounds of Dissent: Popular Music and Politics in Brexit Britain.

Dr Payam Ansaris research.

Dr Payam Ansari

Women’s football has come a long way in recent years, yet it is still considerably underdeveloped and under threat. In the sport industry, fans, if effectively engaged, are one of the main sources of sustainable income. 

This project aims to study how fan engagement can contribute to increasing participation, attendance, and commercial value in women’s football. 

In this two-year project that will be hosted by the Irish Institute of Digital Business in DCU’s Business School, a qualitative, comparative participatory approach will be employed to theorise, produce and effectively disseminate new empirical knowledge about the current attributes of women’s football fandom, the current state of fan engagement practice in women’s football, and the key components of an effective fan engagement framework for a women’s football team or association. 






Dr Jelena Gligorijevic

Dr Jelena Gligorijevic’s research

As a Marie Curie fellow at DCU, Jelena will explore sounds of dissent in Brexit-Britain in contexts of authoritarian populism and post-truth.

The project will look specifically into the liberal and conservative poles of British dissent vis-à-vis the UK’s decision in 2016 to withdraw from the European Union. Jelena will do this through various music-related discourses that range from discussions on Brexit’s effects on British music industries and musicians, through to its coverage in social media, albums and collaborative music projects, to the intertwining of its discursive and sonic dimensions in Britain’s three festivals combining politics, arts and music; namely, Glastonbury Left Field, Liverpool Sound City, and Festival of Brexit.

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