April 26, 2021

UNIRI Working on Achieving SDGs through Various Projects

One of UNIRI’s main focuses within the process of creating institutional policies and strategies is to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. This endeavour is also part of numerous University projects. On the two 2020 Erasmus+ calls, UNIRI received financing for more than 10 projects with SDG-related topics. Those Erasmus+ projects coordinated by UNIRI are presented with the following text. Both projects are funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union, under the 2020 call for Strategic Partnerships. 

1. The purpose of the project E-laboratory for digital education is to develop sustainable partnerships between higher education institutions in the EU to develop digital pedagogical competencies of teaching staff and find innovative solutions to provide high quality and inclusive digital education. Consequently, the goal of the project is to strengthen the ability to introduce and enhance e-teaching and e-learning by developing modern e-tools and digital content. Achieving these goals will contribute to the Sustainable development goals: SDG4 Quality education, SDG9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure, and SDG17 Partnership for the goals. 

2. “Development of European Curriculum in the Field of Sustainable Camping Resort Management” (CAMPMASTER) has derived from recognizing the need of the fast-growing camping industry for quality-trained staff with specific knowledge and skills. Thus the three European universities, in partnership with national camping associations, have launched an initiative to align the needs of the camping industry with skills and qualifications acquired in specialized study programmes at the European level. The main goal of the project is to develop the first European curriculum in the field of sustainable management of a camping resort – CAMPMASTER.

This university-business cooperation at the EU level will contribute to a better awareness of sustainability in managing camping and an overall increase in quality and competitiveness of the sector by upgrading the skills level of influential camping actors in the area of sustainability and green tourism to combating climate change.

UNIRI Conducted a Survey on Attitudes towards Priorities among the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030

In the process of creating the new UNIRI Strategy for the period 2021-2025, UNIRI conducted a survey among its constituents (faculties/departments/academy), to determine the priorities among 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals. The participants were asked to rank the goals according to the importance they attach to them and/or priorities and relevance for the University of Rijeka and the entire academic community. 

Having in mind the current global pandemic, the majority of participants stated that health and ensuring a healthy life, and promoting well-being for people of all generations is the most important goal. This goal is followed by two more important goals: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all, and eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture. 

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