April 26, 2021

U Bremen: A Strong and Dedicated Climate University

The University of Bremen has been dedicated to climate and environmental research for many years. The university’s scientists carry out research together with excellent partners within renowned, interdisciplinary networks. Moreover, the University of Bremen is the only Germany university that helped to establish the “International Universities Climate Alliance” (IUCA) – a unique network of 35 universities that are global leaders in climate research. 

One climate researcher from the University of Bremen received a particularly prestigious honor this year: Professor Veronika Eyring was awarded the 2021 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Prize by the German Research Foundation (DFG) for her outstanding work in the field of climate modelling. It is the most renowned German scientific award and is endowed with 2.5 million euros. 

The university staff strive to pass on their research knowledge to students at the University of Bremen. It is possible to study the climate in numerous degree programs, in European exchange classes, and with digital learning resources. There are also offers for children and youths, such as the children’s uni. 

Furthermore, the University of Bremen is also on the way to becoming a climate-neutral campus and has dedicated itself to systematic protection of the climate. This will be certified, implemented with specific climate-neutrality measures, and be formed at the university as part of a continual, joint process. One example is that the university only uses green electricity. 

University members are also voluntarily active: With their “Uni Bremen SOLAR” cooperative, staff produce solar power by means of solar panels on university buildings, for example. Students additionally manage a nature conservation group that focusses on biodiversity on campus. The group’s aim is to create more living space for plants and insects. Moreover, many University of Bremen students are active members of the Students for Future climate movement. 

Further information:

Read an interview with Professor Veronika Eyring in the University of Bremen’s online magazine.

The University of Bremen Environmental Management website (in German only)

Read an article about the Nature Conservation Group and their “Campus Goes Biodiverse” project in the University of Bremen’s online magazine.

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