April 27, 2021

Research on problems that really matter

Brunel University London is committed to using sources and disposing of materials in a responsible way. Many are, in fact, the initiatives taken by Brunel to ensure a sustainable approach to the university’s life: food and supplies are sourced ethically, through a responsible procurement strategy; the use of plastic is minimised through an updated environment policy, and through the research of the Partnership for Sustainable Food Future. The university has put in place policies on reducing the waste sent to landfill, through elimination, reduction, reuse and recycling – and it has increased the proportion of waste they recycle. Moreover, a tracking system of the way in which handle hazardous and toxic materials is handled is put in place.

This strong showing reflects the importance of sustainability and responsibility to the university’s plan – and of tackling global challenges, front and centre as part of the new Brunel 2030 Research Strategy, which prioritises interdisciplinary research for the benefit of individuals, societies, economies and the planet.

And this progress so far is only part of the journey. Brunel’s academics and professional services staff are working together to collaborate, collect and disseminate information on SDG-related projects, including:

– better water management through the use of water sub-metering on campus
– near-Zero energy: as part of ReCO2ST European research project, we hope to demonstrate how buildings can be renovated so that they use near-zero energy, and an academia– industry project funded by Horizon 2020 is resulting in a ‘retrofit kit’ to reduce energy consumption by 60–95% in renovated buildings
– the landscape management plan 2018–2023, which promotes sustainable cities, protects enhances the natural green infrastructure and various ecosystems, and protects species. Prof Geoff Rodgers, Vice Provost for Research at Brunel, said: “These strong results demonstrate once again that Brunel is not only one of the world’s best research institutions, but that our research programmes are focussed on the problems that really matter – including those that address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.”

Also thank to the actions taken, Brunel University London has been ranked as 15th best university in the world for delivering against SDG12, according to the Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021.

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