April 26, 2021

New UC3M Agenda for compliance with the SDGs

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) has presented its Agenda for compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aimed at proposing new lines of actions in all of the University institutional activities (teaching, research, administration and government, and social leadership) to convert the SDGs into one of UC3M’s strategic pillars for development.  In addition, the Agenda seeks to raise awareness in the University Community on this matter and encourage active participation to achieve these goals. UC3M commits to compliance with the diverse measures included in this plan by the end of 2023. 

Within the framework of its policy on University Social Responsibility (USR), UC3M has implemented a vast array of actions and initiatives in the area of environmental sustainability, equality, attention to diversity, international cooperation for development and local, national, and international volunteerism. UC3M has incorporated sustainable development in several points of its 2016-2022 Strategic Plan, with the following priorities.  Fomenting research initiatives for knowledge development and transfer to meet global challenges; strengthening educational programs for the development and cross-disciplinary nature of subjects related to SDGs to raise awareness among students on the problems of development and environmental sustainability; enhancing engagement with society and the production sector to foster achievement of SDGs, and fomenting international initiatives for cooperation and development. Overall, its Strategic Plan strives for a responsible, committed, and healthy university, which foments the values of inclusivity, equality, accessibility, environment sustainability, assigning strategic value to strengthening those of USR. 

As a step towards achieving these goals, the Office of the Vice-President for Institutional Relations and Sustainable Development and the Social Council, with the cooperation of different University services, carried out a systematic mapping in 2019 of the numerous actions and initiatives coherent with the SDG targets in the area of teaching, research, internal administration, social responsibility and university development and cooperation.  The results, which also include 94 qualitative indicators, were presented in the second report on compliance with the SDGs in the framework of UC3M University Social Responsibility, published in July 2019. 

The design and development of this Agenda has taken into account UC3M participation in the Young European Research Universities Network (YERUN). At the same time, the design of the Agenda’s action has been carried out with the values that encompass the University Global Coalition (UGC).

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