January 25, 2021

From „Master nuggets“ to a full university degree

The School of Advanced Professional Studies (SAPS) at Ulm University offers extra-occupational certificate courses and master’s programmes in German and partly in English. First degree-holders can take course modules  of all master’s programme individually. Some contents are even offered as short-time „master-nuggets“. The awarded certificate may be credited towards a full master’s degree programme later. 

This year, Ulm University’s SAPS offers a new part-time master’s programme in the field of education (initially in German). The programme „Instructional Design“ addresses learning processes and teaching content – with a focus on online- and continuing education. The modules are especially geared towards developers of online- and blended learning-formats. „Instructional Design“ combines skills from psychology, education, computer science and e.g. statistics. 

All SAPS-courses are based on online studies and very little on-campus time. Students have access to a virtual classroom that provides learning materials such as scripts, videos, quizzes and interactive exercises. Personal tutors support the students. Topics of the English modules range from „Biochemical Sensors“ and „Management Aspects of Systems Engineering“ to „Signals and Systems“. Other fee-based modular master’s programmes at Ulm University’s SAPS include „Business Analytics“, „Actuarial Science“ „Biopharmaceutical and Medical Engineering Sciences“ or „Advanced  Oncology“.

More information: https://www.uni-ulm.de/en/einrichtungen/school-of-advanced-professional-studies/


Contact: Dr. Gabriele Gröger, School of Advanced Professional Studies (SAPS), gabriele.groeger@uni-ulm.de, phone: +49 731 50-32400

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