December 21, 2020

#12 YERUN News: A happy and safe Christmas from YERUN!

December: the time of the year when we take stock of the past twelve months, the lessons we have learnt and what we are looking for in the year to come. For 2020, this exercise is particularly interesting, considered how exceptional this year has been for the entire world. Some YERUN leaders have shared with us their thoughts on the past year with a view to the one that is fastly approaching. The optimism sparked by their words is inspiring, as it shows the will to catch the opportunities that this year has offered us: those linked to increased collaboration, inclusiveness, flexibility, sustainability, social engagement, just to name a few. From the YERUN Brussels Office, we thank them and wish our members and the entire European education, research and innovation community a nice and safe Christmas and a happy new year! Silvia, Chiara, Inês. 

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