October 26, 2020

University of Konstanz – Data literacy for all: The “Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track” (ADILT)

As data-driven processes are rapidly transforming our personal and professional lives – and this rings especially true in light of the current coronavirus pandemic – data literacy is emerging as a key competency that is crucial to personal and political decision-making processes and broader debates within society.

With its innovative “Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track” (ADILT), which is part of its winning concept in the German Excellence Strategy competition, the University of Konstanz offers students across all disciplines research-oriented and interdisciplinary training in data-based methods and the handling of digital information.

ADILT was conceived based on the conviction that, in order to be able to participate in modern life and modern society, students must achieve some basic understanding of data and data-driven processes. This is as much about social media literacy or the legal implications of automated decision-making processes as it is about how to manage one’s private data, for instance. Besides imparting hands-on knowledge there is also a strong focus on the impact digital transformation has on society at large.

Currently, the track comprises an online lecture series, which was first held in the summer term 2020, and three modules. These will be offered for the first time during the upcoming winter term. As per its provisional structure, module 1 will teach the foundations of computer science, programming and statistics; module 2 will engage students from all disciplines through a range of subject-specific and application-based seminars; module 3 will focus on the normative, legal, historical and aesthetic dimensions of data-based processes and digitalization. The track in its entirety is worth a total of 30 ECTS credits.

The new “Advanced Data and Information Literacy Track” is part of the University of Konstanz’s comprehensive e-science strategy, which has been designed to further develop the university’s working and learning environments in the areas of research, teaching and governance. Since ADILT will be offered across all study programmes at the university, and since it touches strongly on its overall research agenda, it will serve as a university-wide means of discussing and reflecting on digital transformation and its effects.

For more information please visit: https://www.uni-konstanz.de/en/adilt/

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