September 21, 2020

Three YERUN Women featured in the European Commission’s #EUwomen4future Campaign

On International Women’s Day 2020, the European Commission launched the #EUwomen4future campaign with the aim of showcasing women’s work and achievements in research, innovation, education, culture and sport. YERUN is proud to see that three inspirational women from its member universities have been featured in the campaign: Rector Rianne Letschert from Maastricht University, Vice-Rector Elvira Fortunato from Nova Lisbon University and Dr. Emilia Gómez from Pompeu Fabra University.

By putting in the spotlight the work of these European women, #EUwomen4future shows its commitment to gender equality and encourages young women to pursue their ambitions and dreams, no matter the field of study. For this reason, it is increasingly important to build networks of talented women across borders to help empower the next generation. 

In this context, Rector Letschert, Vice-Rector Fortunato and Dr. Gómez have been featured by their achievements in the fields of “education and youth” and of “science, research and innovation”. Concretely, Rector Letschert has been elected as Top woman of the year in 2019/2020 for her achievements in science and administration; Vice-Rector Fortunato is a pioneer in paper electronics and holds two grants from the European Research Council; and Dr. Gómez is an expert in Artificial Intelligence and leads the Human Behaviour and Machine Intelligence (HUMAINT) project at the Centre for Advanced Studies of the Joint Research Centre.

Without doubt, these achievements are worth celebrating and, from YERUN, we warmly congratulate these great women!

For more information on the campaign as well as on the other awarded women, take a look at the #EUwomen4future website!

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