July 27, 2020

The UDI-Africa impressive Journey

UDI-Africa is an ERASMUS+ Capacity Building project coordinated by Nova University Lisbon, aiming to enhance the quality of teaching and research of four African Universities  from Angola and Mozambique and empower these Higher Education institutions to play an effective impacting role in fostering sustainable and inclusive development in their regions. After almost 3 years of work, the UDI-Africa project came to an end but its impact will continue.

In close collaboration, 9 partners, that include another YERUN member – Maastricht University – have trained hundreds of people (staff, faculty and students) and developed 4 Centers for Academic Development & Innovation that will provide the infrastructure and framework conditions to help promote and ensure continued networking and training for more cohorts of staff beyond the project lifetime.

Learn more about the achievements of this project and take a look back at the most important events in UDI-Africa: 

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