June 29, 2020

Paris Dauphine-PSL adopts a roadmap to promote Open Science development

In order to give more visibility to the work it produces and to make research practices evolve, PSL University has just approved an Open Science Charter. This document, adopted by the university’s governance on 5 May 2020, states PSL’s commitment to the Open Science movement and puts it forward as a major strategic axis. 

In order to aim for realistic objectives, this charter prioritizes two principles to be implemented: 

  1. Support for open access to all PSL scientific publications.  Accessibility must be effective according to the deadlines set by the Digital Republic Act (6 months for science, technology and medicine, 12 months for human and social sciences) and must apply to 100% of PSL publications from September 2021.  
  2. Implementation of rules for the proper management of research data.  These are based on the application of FAIR principles (for Easy-to-find, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable data by man and machine) and the systematic use of Data Management Plans for research projects.  

This document also sets out a roadmap, the main elements of which are:  

  • visibility of scientific publications via a national repository portal 
  • raising awareness among researchers about digital identity, in particular the use of ORCID numbers 
  • development of awareness-raising, communication and training actions  
  • support for national and international initiatives: Research Data Alliance, Jussieu Call for “bibliodiversity” (of which Dauphine-PSL is a signatory) 
  • reflection on the valorisation of research data, for example via a data warehouse allowing their dissemination

This document reinforces the actions already carried out in Dauphine-PSL, in particular by the library, and gives a new internal impetus to all initiatives in favour of Open Science.

For further information (in English) : https://www.psl.eu/en/actualites/accompagner-et-developper-une-nouvelle-culture-scientifique-la-charte-science-ouverte

Link to the Open Science Charter (in French) :  https://www.psl.eu/sites/default/files/Charte_science_ouverte_Universite-psl_Mai_2020.pdf

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