January 30, 2020

Take a picture to save the coral reef!

“Colorful diversity, white death – what can colors tell us about coral reefs?” is the motto of the photography competition being held in the frame of the next International Coral Reef Symposium, which will be held in Bremen for the first time in July 2020. Entries will be accepted until February 29.

The International Coral reef Symposium (ICRS) is by far the most significant international conference that deals with the coral reef ecosystems. Since 1967, people from the fields of science, coastal management, environment protection, and politics meet every four years and present their current research findings. The 14th ICRS is being held from July 5-10, 2020, in Bremen – and for the first time in Europe. More than 2500 participants are expected. “This conference holds particular importance,” says Professor Christian Wild from the University of Bremen. He is organizing the event with his team. “We are experiencing a worldwide coral reef crisis and the existence of the ecosystems is in danger.” The causes of this are mainly climate change, overfishing, and the polluting of the oceans.

Photography Competition Should Visualize Beauty, Threats, and Science

Not only research findings can portray a picture of the current situation, but also impressive photographs. “Therefore, the ICRS 2020 is asking for help in making a visual inventory of the world coral reefs accessible for the masses,” says Professor Christian Wild. Anyone who is interested can take part. The best works will be part of an exhibition in the Haus der Wissenschaft (House of Science) in Bremen between June 26, and August 27, 2020. The winners will not only feature in the exhibition but will have the chance to win great prizes. 

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