November 14, 2019

YERUN RMA 2019 – Meet Jeannine Teichert

In February 2019, I completed a research stay as a visiting researcher at the Centre for Migration Studies at the University of Essex. My core research interest and PhD study are in the area of interpersonal communication and friendships. In the year 2018, I developed a broader interest in researching German expatriates’ digital media habits, to keep up with friends and family worldwide.

Continuing a period of fieldwork in Australia in 2018, I conducted a pilot study on German expatriates‘ friendship relations in the UK, thanks to YERUN funding. A very interesting aspect of my research dealt with the recent Brexit discussion and its possible impact on expatriates‘ identities and narratives.

I chose the Centre for Migration Studies at the University of Essex because it aligns very well with my research aims. Beyond that, the multidisciplinary research environment at the Centre and its outstanding evaluation for research quality contributed to my decision to become a visiting researcher at the University of Essex. I am very grateful to my host and mentor during the mobility phase, Dr Renee Luthra, Director of the Centre for Migration Studies, who helped me to settle in and to get in touch with colleagues at the department. Although my two weeks stay was considerably short, it is highly likely to lead to future collaborative research, connecting the field of migration studies with intercultural communication and digital media studies.

Since November 2019, Jeannine Teichert is a research associate at the University of Paderborn. Previously, she has been a research associate at Centre for Media, Communication and Information Research at the University of Bremen, with a focus on comparative cultural analysis (Prof. Dr. Christine Lohmeier). Jeannine studied Journalism and Communication Studies in Vienna and completed a MA programme in Media and Political Communication in Berlin, while studying abroad in the Netherlands and in New Zealand. Jeannine worked in different positions, e.g. in a marketing department and as a freelance communication consultant. She started her PhD thesis in 2014 within the PhD Program ‘Communication and Digital Media’ at the University of Erfurt, while working as a lecturer at htw saar, University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken from 2015-2016.

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Profile picture credits: Beate C. Koehler

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