October 14, 2019

YERUN RMA 2019 – Meet Gerardo Pulido Reyes

Thanks to the YERUN mobility award, I was able to visit Dr. Susana Cristobal at Linköping University (Sweden). She is an impressive and creative scientist with an outstanding career. My visit to her lab allowed me, first of all, to perceive how it is to manage a top research group in the field of environmental proteomics; and, secondly, to know a remarkable scientist and learn from the invaluable knowledge that she has acquired through her life and scientific experiences.

Moreover, given the expertise of Dr. Susana Cristobal in the area of proteomics, I have gained a first-hand knowledge about this technique (proteomic approaches, instrumentation, sample preparation, key steps, etc). How to be a good scientist, leadership, sustainable scientific career, learning from failure were just some of the topics that we also discussed. Thanks to Dr. Susana Cristobal I could also visit the Science for Life Laboratory, SciLifeLab, which is a national Swedish centre for molecular biosciences with focus on health and environmental research (SciLifeLab was created by the coordinated effort of four universities: Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University).

Gerardo Pulido-Reyes (left) at the laboratory of Susana Cristobal (right). Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Cell Biology Section. University of Linköping February 21st, 2019. Linköping (Sweden).

Gerardo Pulido-Reyes was born in Canary Island (Spain) in March 1988. After studying Environmental Sciences and then, Microbiology, he started working as a PhD candidate at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (Spain) in 2013. His PhD research focused on the biological effects of nanomaterials (specifically, cerium oxide nanoparticles) using environmental model organisms, paying special attention to the Bio-Nano interface. The impact of his PhD’s results is demonstrated by publications in several high-impact journals. As part of his PhD project, he worked for three months at the University of Central Florida (USA) and six months at the University of Alcala (Spain). Click on the links to check Gerardo’s ORCID ID, Research Gate and LinkedIn profiles.

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