October 30, 2019

YERUN RMA 2019 – Meet Amanda Cole

Thanks to the YERUN mobility award I was able to visit the University of Eastern Finland, which is highly esteemed in the field of English linguistics. I was able to share my work in a research seminar and received very helpful feedback, and I gave two guest lectures to undergraduate and masters students.

The award also allowed me to discuss future collaborations with members of the research community at UEF. We hope to combine technology that I have been working on developing in the field of sociolinguistics with perceptual dialectology work in the field of World Englishes. I had a very fruitful experience at the University of Eastern Finland which enabled me to meet many experienced researchers in my field and develop future collaborations.

From left to right: Paula Rautionaho, Amanda Cole and Izabela Czerniak

Amanda is working interdisciplinarily between sociology and sociolinguistics at the University of Essex to look at gentrification and how it relates to language variation and change in Essex, particularly, with regards to the “Cockney Diaspora”. She is also interested in dialect-leveling processes, for instance “Estuary English”.

Click here to access Amanda’s latest publication.

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