April 1, 2019

YERUN Seminar on Open Science

YERUN Open Science

Organised under the occasion of the YERUN General Assembly in University of Antwerp, on 28 March 2019 YERUN members shared experiences of different activities implementing Open Science at various levels.

See here great examples from our members!

Open Science and Citizens Science at SDU (University of Southern Denmark), Thomas Kaarsted (Deputy Library Director).

The Citizens Science Network at SDU is bringing citizens closer to science, and scientists closer to society. The initiative opens the research process for all citizens across all levels of education and social groups through communication, education and learning. Learn more here.

Open Access Escape Room (University of Essex), Katrine Sundsbo (Scholarly Communications and Research Support Manager) @katrinesundsbo

In order to increase engagement in Open Science, it is necessary to present information in a fun way, make the information memorable, interesting and ensure the basics and benefits of Open Science are understood, not just the policy.

Community for Data Driven Insights towards a FAIR university (University of Maastricht), Marc Dolman (Senior Project Manager)

Responding to the question on how we can strengthen community with data science, focusing on eScience, expertise, infrastructure and service.

UniOS & FOS in the UC3M’s Open Science journey (UC3M), Teresa Malo de Molina (Library Director)

An operational unit to support and help the implementation of Open Science at the university with the collective bottom up effort from Library, Research Services, IT, HR and Researchers (including ERC). 

Research Information Management at NOVA (University Nova de Lisboa), Tiago Guedes (Head of Research Office)

Increasing the opportunities for collaboration of our researchers.

It’s no game: Raising awareness about Open Access in Paris Dauphine (University of Paris Dauphine), Christine Okret-Manville (Library Deputy Director)

An example for an Open Access Week programme.

Open Access Policies at UAntwerp (University of Antwerp), Jord Hanus (Department of Research Affairs and Innovation)


YERUN Open Science

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