October 1, 2018

YERUN RMA 2018 – Meet Nuria Bautista

From UC3M –> To University of Antwerp

Nuria Bautista is a PhD student from the Carlos III University of Madrid (Spain). She is working in the area of Bibliometrics and Scientometrics in the Research Institute for Higher Education and Science (INAECU), a research centre composed by researchers from the University Autonomous of Madrid (UAM) and the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M).

More precisely, she is working in the Laboratory for Metric Information Studies (LEMI), a research group from the Library and Information Science Department. The research topic of her Ph.D. is to analyze scientific activity in the sustainability field focusing on Universities with the use bibliometric/scientometric indicators. As well, she is interested in seeing its possible relation to the university policies in sustainability as well as another type of actions (presence in rankings, sustainability plans etc.).

The Host Department was the Centre for Research & Development Monitoring (Expertisecentrum Onderzoek en Ontwikkelingsmonitoring, ECOOM), Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Antwerp. The main goal of the mobility programme was to present the investigation lines of both research groups and exchange methodologies in research activity.

Nuria Bautista was awarded one of the 26 Research Mobility Awards of the 1st call for applications that YERUN offered in 2018.

Photo credit: Nuria Bautista in the middle with team of University of Antwerp. 

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