September 17, 2018

NOVA & Cambridge joint initiative: “Research in Africa”

University Nova de Lisboa

NOVA University Lisbon organizes on October 3 and 4 the conference Research in Africa, the first action within the institutional cooperation between NOVA and the University of Cambridge. This conference aims to display the research applied in Africa developed by NOVA researchers, based on the enhancement of interdisciplinary knowledge with a social impact. In this way, the conference seeks to expose researchers of different areas to a comprehensive portfolio of scientific work that is carried out in Africa, providing a moment of dialogue.

The ultimate purpose is that researchers from different backgrounds may work together in joint projects with social impact in Africa, and therefore there will be a follow up afterwards as well as an encouragement of multidisciplinary teams that may apply to international funding.

The delegation from Cambridge will e in the Conference to explain its approach on interdisciplinary research. In particular, it will describe how the implementation of that research in carried out in developing countries and how it works in the local communities.


Entrance is free but subject to registration.

Register here.

The relation between NOVA and the University of Cambridge

Within the context of the creation of NOVA Institute for Global Development, one of the strategic options of NOVA, the collaboration with Cambridge came across the contact with Centre for Global Challenges (CGC), a transversal department to all the University which has the purpose of promoting the multidisciplinary research with an impact in developing countries. From this contact, there was a mutual interest in the work carried out by each institution in Africa. Members of CGC are already participating as observers in meetings of capacitation project UDI-Africa, coordinated by NOVA in partnership with several European and African countries. 

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