August 10, 2018

YERUN RMA 2018 – Meet Nana Asare

From University of Eastern Finland –> To Maastricht University

My research area is international renewable energy law and policy with special interest on the legislation, policy and regulation of renewable energy sectors across Africa. More specifically, I look at the rules and regulations for developing renewable energy sources for the production of electricity. With the completion of my research project, the results will help provide the basis for adaptation and application of existing and future laws to renewable electricity projects in countries at the nascent stages of developing their legal and regulatory framework in the renewable energy sector.

My host during the one week stay at the Maastricht University was METRO, the Institute for Transnational Legal Research of the Law Faculty. With the objective of establishing research cooperation between the Law School of the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Law Faculty of Maastricht University, which will in turn also strengthen ties between the participating universities, the programme for my mobility to Maastricht University was to work with METRO in creating an effective and long-lasting research cooperation with the Center for Climate Change, Energy and Environmental Law (CCEEL) of the UEF Law School.

CCEEL is the research institute of the UEF Law School that focuses on the multidisciplinary research in the areas of climate change, energy, natural resources and environmental law.

Nana Asare was awarded one of the 26 Research Mobility Awards of the 1st call for applications that YERUN offered in 2018.


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