August 1, 2018

EOSC Public Consultation

You still have time to participate in the Public Consultation of EOSC (European Open Science Cloud) – Deadline 5 August!!

The aim of the European Commission’s stakeholder consultation on the European Open Science Cloud Rules of Participation is to help come up with guidelines on how the EOSC actors (which include both users and service providers) can participate in the EOSC.

The Consultation Platform for the Rules of Participation allows stakeholders to rank, vote and further discuss the three sets of Recommendations (implementation, engagement & steering recommendations) prepared by the EOSC High. The system works with a light registration that prevents anonymous submission without burdening the stakeholder participants called in to the consultation with too many entry questions. Stakeholders may participate multiple times to the discussion threads, but only once in the voting area.

If you are interested in participate, you can contribute by both ranking the recommendations from the EOSC HLEG and commenting the subjects on the Rules of Participation.

Stakeholders Open Consultation EOSC


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