July 4, 2018

The YERUN Summer School has started!

The University Rome Tor Vergata is hosting the YERUN Summer School Management Consulting in the Digital Age. A total of 30 students from 10 different YERUN Universities together with participants from other European institutions, Asia and Africa are now in Italy, in Villa Mondragone, engaging in active workshops with management consulting companies.

Almost 70% of the students have a background in Management, 30% in Data Science/Engineering and 10% in Law. One of the main goals of the students during this week is to develop proposals for a digital strategy for the YERUN Network and digital customer journeys for the students of the young universities’ proposal for the European Universities.
Hosting this workshop in such as place as Villa Mondragone allow its participants to benefit from fruitful discussions outdoors that combine physical activity and contact with nature.

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