June 5, 2018

YERUN is at THE Summit of Young Universities in USF #YoungUni

YERUN is pleased to be present at THE Summit for Young Universitieskindly hosted by the University of South Florida, in Tampa. YERUN President Prof Juan Romo (UC3M) and YERUN members Prof Anthony Forster (University of Essex) and Prof Brian MacCraith (Dublin City University) are participating in various sessions of the programme.

This afternoon, at a workshop on building alliances and networks moderated by USF Vice Provost Pritish Mukherjee, YERUN presented current activities developed within members to increase faculty and research exchange programmes and improving student learning. YERUN has shared panel with the Australian Technology Network (ATN), who has been highlighting their work to increase industry partnership collaboration.

More than ever, networks are helpful initiatives to maximise the impact of the work done by like-minded institutions that are complementary to each other. These collaborations increase the quality of joint activities, maximise efforts and boost the possibilities for students and staff from the institutions participating.

One of the most successful activities YERUN has been developing at the moment is the YERUN Research Mobility Awards,  a mobility scheme to help researchers from YERUN universities to create critical mass for research projects and joint research activities. The overall objective is to encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the wider dissemination and impact of YERUN institutions’ research capacities.

For more information about THE summit, please visit the USF website and THE times higher.



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