April 4, 2018

YERUN Sports Days 2018

The YERUN Sport days offer a platform where students and sport offices experience the advantages of the YERUN network and where awareness about the network is created among our students, all within an International Olympic Committee recognized framework of sport, Fair Play and universal friendship.

The YERUN Sport Days are organized each year in April from Wednesday to Friday at the University of Antwerp (25 to 28 April in 2018). During these three days, each YERUN member is free to participate in a program including a YERUN Sports Workshop for professionals and students on Wednesday, a YERUN dinner for students and professionals on Thursday evening and the complete sports and event program from Wednesday to Friday of the PCU Games for student teams.

The PCU Games ensure a sports and events program for 30 to 40 universities worldwide. The main objective is to offer students a platform where sport is considered as a valuable instrument to develop international interaction and experience, with emphasis on Fair Play and Universal Friendship. Men’s Futsal, Volleyball, Basketball and women’s Basketball and Volleyball are programmed. The organization itself is handled in cooperation with Panathlon International, an association recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

In 2017, 10 YERUN teams from the University of Essex, the University of Antwerp, the University of Rome Tor Vergata and the University of Paris Dauphine participated in the Yerun Sport Days and 116 student athletes and officials from Yerun members were accredited.

Participating in the 2018 YERUN Sport Days is made simple by visiting www.pcucommittee.com where all participation and registration information is available. For the YERUN Sports Workshop, the YERUN Dinner and the participation in the PCU Games, including all connected side events, a contribution of € 30 for each accredited person is requested from to the participating university, with a minimum of 10 persons per participating team in the PCU Games. An invoice will be forwarded by the University of Antwerp after the YERUN Sport Days.

Although the invitation campaign starts this year close to the start of the 2018 YERUN Sport Days, we still hope to welcome as many teams as possible. If the preparation time for this year might be too short, please mark the 2019 YERUN Sport Days already in your 2019 agenda.

See the YERUN Sports Days 2017.

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