April 6, 2018

University of Bremen has a new strategy!

Bremen University

The University of Bremen’s “Strategy 2018-2028” is the result of an intensive dialogical process. It sets clearly defined goals for the coming decade and builds on the University’s strengths as well as its shared values and its very own “Bremen spirit”.

The vision: a leading European research university and an inspirational place of education. “Strategy 2018-2028” takes account of the challenges society will be facing over the next ten years and describes the contribution the University wants to make to the state of Bremen and to the advancement of knowledge going forward.

The strategy was preceded by a one and a half year development process. In the summer of 2017, all the University’s 20,000 students and 3,500 employees were invited to join in an online consultation process and given the opportunity to comment on the draft. The Academic Senate adopted the strategy in December 2017.

High profile areas of University of Bremen:

  • Marine, Polar and Climate Research
  • Social Change, Social Policy and the State
  • Materials Sciences and Technologies
  • Minds, Media, Machines
  • Logistics
  • Health Sciences

Key objectives:

  1. Strengthening interdisciplinary profiles
  2. Stimulating new ideas
  3. Promoting talent and academic independence
  4. Innovative learning and teaching
  5. Diverse learning opportunities
  6. Develop staff potential
  7. Building bridges to the world
  8. Intensifying cooperation in the region
  9. Shaping digitalisation (Open Access, Open Data, Open Educational Resources).

The “Strategy 2018-2028” can be downloaded here.

For further information please contact:
Fabian Heuel
Strategic Projects and Excellence (SPE)
University of Bremen
Phone: +49 421 218-60018
email: fabian.heuel@vw.uni-bremen.de

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