January 12, 2018

Invest in knowledge to build a successful future

The Young European Research Universities have joined the call to invest more in education, research and innovation at European level. Neth-ER tougher with other European partners and YERUN join efforts in making our voice heard for the future EU programmes on education and research.

Public investments in research and innovation have proven to create economic growth. Erasmus+ creates high European added value. In order to call for a modern European budget, focused on knowledge and growth, you can support our plea by joining the declaration.

Now the debate on the future of the EU finances is at the spot, the moment is ripe to make sure investments are made where a real difference can be achieved. The High Level Conference on Shaping our Future that took place in Brussels earlier this week (8-9 January) placed the discussions on the importance to choose our objectives and political priorities. The EU needs to imagine where it wants to bring us. Having a clear objective in mind, the roads will be easily drawn after.


Invest in Knowledge Declaration

Photo credit: by Michael Hull on Unsplash



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