November 22, 2017

YERUN starts the 1st Research Mobility Awards

Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

YERUN has launched the first call for application to the YERUN Research Mobility Awards. If you are a researcher, PhD student or staff member of the YERUN universities, you can apply!

We will provide a flat rate award to cover expenses during a short research visit (1 or 2 weeks). Visits shall take place from February – July 2018.

The YERUN Research Mobility programme wants to provide a platform to:

  • Work with other YERUN Researchers on a joint project or publication,
  • Promote multidisciplinary research across the YERUN network, and
  • Enrich the research and training opportunities for PhD students, early career, postgraduate and postdoctoral scholars and staff within the YERUN network.

Applications deadline is 20 December, however, do not wait until the last minute!! Your application must be dully signed by the host institution.


  • You must be a current member of staff, researcher or graduate student at one of the YERUN institutions-
  • Researcher Mobility Awards will only be used to visit another YERUN institution in a country different than your home institution.
  • You must agree to submit a short report on the outcomes shortly after your visit and a follow-up report describing any subsequent research collaborations with YERUN partners no later than one year after the award. This information will be used for YERUN Communication and Evaluation activities.

Assessment Criteria 

The quality of the submitted application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • likelihood of significant outcomes – external funding, joint publications or policy impact and potential long-term benefits for YERUN
  • balance of disciplinarity and inter-disciplinarity across the spread of awards.
  • commitment from the YERUN host to support the visit. New collaboration links will be encouraged.

If you are interested please contact the YERUN Office:

YERUN Researcher Mobility Awards_1 Call Nov 2017

Photo credit – by Alexis Brown on Unsplash

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