September 8, 2017

YERUN Working Group on EU Policy

The European Commission’s open consultation processes mean that a wide range of institutions contribute to the shaping of research priorities. By acting together, YERUN will have a stronger voice than our individual members can exert by acting alone.

The YERUN Working Group on EU Policy has been established to support network activity related to YERUN Strategic Action 1, influencing EU Policy, by developing a structured approach and response to EU public consultation processes and the preparation of network policy and position papers.

The European Commission launched a public consultation last year (October) to evaluate the current EU funding programme Horizon 2020 in light of starting the drafts of the future one. YERUN participated in that public consultation developing a position paper. In that consultation, participants were requested to start to reflect on how they would like to new funding programme to look like.

The new funding programme for R&I (for the moment so-called FP9) depends on the decisions to be taken on the new Multiannual Financial Framework, which determines the budget of the EU and the different allocations that every EU sector will have, thus in research and innovation.

The YERUN Working Group on EU Policy is working on YERUN’s position on FP9.

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