May 8, 2023

YERUN lunchtime series on early career researchers 4/4

In June, YERUN is organising a series of four online events dedicated to early career researchers. Discussing about current challenges, stakeholder experiences and policy initiatives, participants will exchange views along four main themes: intersectoral mobility, mentoring, the impact of funding schemes on careers, and the practical challenges faced by university services to implement career policies.


The focus of the fourth and last event, taking place on 30 June from 12:30 to 14:00 CEST, will be the challenges of implementing policy for early academic careers: 

Universities are the recipients of a number of policies, which often have to be dealt with by different services in parallel (research departments, education departments, human resources departments…). Early career academics are now targeted by several concomitant initiatives, whereas university services also have to deal with other objectives concerning knowledge valorisation, innovation, infrastructure, open science or gender equality, amongst others. Such policies may take different forms; increasingly, they are formulated as conditions to funding on which universities rely year by year. In addition, different policies may be decided at different levels – institutional, regional, national, European. How do universities and their services grapple with the variety of overlapping objectives they are supposed to tackle at the same time? This closed session convenes stakeholders and policy-makers to engage in constructive discussions on the practical challenges of implementing policy for early academic careers, alongside the other objectives set for European universities.


Please note that this session will take place in a closed format and upon invitation only! If you are a policy-maker, a university representative or another stakeholder from the sector, please complete this form to inform us on your interest in participating in our roundtable discussion – we will make sure to invite you to join in the conversation! 

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our website and social media to find out soon details on the programme and invited speakers of our series! We look forward to seeing you in June!