April 14, 2022

EDUSC project

The Erasmus+ KA2 project ‘European Digital University Staff Competencies’ (EDUSC) aims to support and accelerate digitalisation in higher education. By training staff members in digital competencies while utilising modern and digital teaching methodology, staff members are encouraged to become digital internationalisation stewards and join a community of ambassadors for digital transformation that benefits the whole sector. The project is led by Confia International, and YERUN is a partner together with UC3M, Tor Vergata University of Rome and KIRON. 

Through a range of project activities, EDUSC has the objective to lead by example and have higher education staff embrace digital transformation. The project team wants to create a community platform that provides an interactive digital toolkit of resources, information, good practices and user stories that the community can share, discuss and benefit from. Additionally, the project will create Open Educational Resources (OERs) for some of the most relevant topics in digital transformation in internationalisation of higher education.

For more information, please visit: www.eu-edusc.eu