October 28, 2020

YERUN SDG Staff Days – 7 and 8 April 2021


Join a digital experience between 17 European Universities on “working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals”! How might we integrate the UN SDGs in developing our universities? What opportunities do they provide in shaping the future? What challenges do we meet in integrating such complex issues into everyday management and development of the university sector?

As part of the YERUN, you are hereby invited to join the conversation! If your daily work is actively influenced by the commitments within the UN SDGs or you find it relevant to reflect on how this might become part of your daily work life in the future, we invite you to join in creating an international community of colleagues from 17 different European Universities.

Background information

Twice a year, YERUN member universities take turns in hosting the so-called ‘Staff Days’ – every time with a different subject matter. The Staff Days are open to all staff at the 17 universities, to anyone interested in the subject, meaning that attendees vary from time to time depending on the subject. So please do not hesitate in joining! What matters is your interest in the UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of your daily work and your interest in getting inspiration and possible new international connections within your own field.

YERUN Staff Days 7 and 8 April 2021 and the YERUN SDG Community Site

The YERUN Staff Days on the UN SDGs will take place on 7 and 8 April 2021. The event is hosted by the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). It will be digital, and we will be working hard on creating an immersive experience where we really get to connect with colleagues across the many different YERUN universities. We will keep you posted on the format and the content for the Staff Days event, but you can join the conversation already today – and we really hope that you will!

SDU invites all YERUN members to help co-create a meaningful event. We have created a YERUN SDG Community Site where we can all connect, and which explains everything in more detail. We launch the site now in a very first version to get things on a roll – the most important issue is to get the conversation started and to find out what you are interested in! What would it take for you to join? What subjects are the most important for you to discuss? What type of inspiration are you looking for? Do you have cases that you would like to share with an international audience?

We have started out with a number of sub-themes in order to break down the extensive main subject. So come join if you work with, or want to work with, how the SDGs connect with one of the following:

  • Branding & Communication
  • Facility management
  • Student involvement
  • Human Resource Management
  • Education & course development
  • ….any other relevant subjects!

Share the news!

Please share this invitation with your colleagues and/or your employees. The event and the community site are for all employees at all levels in the organisation! Hurry up! Registrations are open until 17 March 2021.

YERUN SDG Staff Days – 7 and 8 April 2021


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