April 27, 2018

Barcelona International Summer School at UPF

We are glad to inform you that registrations are now open for the UPF academic summer programme: Barcelona International SummerSchool (BISS). The full catalogue of the BISS 2018 is available on the website and also in attachment for your consideration.
26 courses taught in English, Spanish or Catalan are open to both domestic and foreign students to create a real international classroom. Courses deal with current topics such as Social Movements, Environment, Gender Politics, Big Data, Humanities or New Frontiers in Biology and are designed to be innovative both in content and methodology, with an applied component enabling on-site learning.

The schedules and calendars (from 25 June to 27 July) are based on modules, so that students have the flexibility to combine courses of 5, 3, 2 or 1 week in the welcoming city of Barcelona. All courses will take place at the Ciutadella Campus, creating a vibrant and motivating environment for participating students.

We would like to invite you to consider this programme for students who are looking for an intellectually challenging summer experience and would appreciate if you could disseminate it among students and relevant colleagues.

UPDATE -> UPF offers ONE SCHOLARSHIP to each YERUN member to attend the summer school.

Please watch and feel free to share a short video introducing the programme.
You can always refer to our website; or general enquiries email: barcelonasummerschool@upf.edu
For more information please contact:
Marc Sanjaume-Calvet
UPF Lecturer
Social and Political Sciences Department

Barcelona International Summer School at UPF


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