Influencing research policies

YERUN aims to participate in the European Commission’s open consultation processes to contribute to the shaping of research priorities. By acting together, YERUN will have a stronger voice than the network individual members can exert by acting alone.

In order to influence research policies YERUN will:

  • Promote the benefit of the type of research the network can offer
  • Ensure that size and the age of an institution does not preclude the funding of excellent research, or impact adversely on recognition in rankings
  • Highlight the contribution the network makes as young European research universities.
  • Use YERUN members’ engagement with other universities and membership of other networks to promote the values and aims of YERUN.

Promoting research collaboration

Collaboration in research across YERUN universities not only would help to create critical mass in areas where large scale investment is needed, it also would encourage the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promotes the wider dissemination, citations and impact of YERUN research findings.

In order to generate research collaboration YERUN will:

  • Promote joint interdisciplinary and multi disciplinary research initiatives in appropriate fields
  • Encourage research mobility
  • Facilitate opportunities for Visiting Fellows
  • Seek opportunities to collaborate on funding bids to secure EU, national and other funding for research
  • Promote the sharing of research infrastructure
  • Promote research that matters and which contributes to the challenges of a global, diverse and multicultural society
  • Share good practices in research policies and programmes of YERUN universities

Promoting education collaboration

Collaboration in education across YERUN universities encourages the cross-fertilisation of ideas and promotes enhancement and innovation of a research-led education to the benefit of the network students. YERUN is committed to using the network to maximise exchange and development opportunities for the benefit of staff and students of the network members.

In order to achieve this we will:

  • Promote joint teaching collaborations including the development of dual, multiple or joint international degrees
  • Promote innovation and enhancement activities for staff and students
  • Encourage further student exchange programmes, teaching mobility and academic exchange programmes
  • Encourage multilingualism and the development of cross-cultural skills
  • Actively engage with EU, national and other funding opportunities to support the development of joint degrees
  • Develop policies and schemes to encourage co- tutorage arrangements for bi- or multi-lateral supervision of PhD candidates
  • Encourage the recognition and transfer of credits amongst YERUN institutions
  • Encourage collaborations to deliver multi-partner summer schools programmes
  • Promote strategic partnerships involving YERUN members within the Erasmus+ programme

Promoting knowledge exchange

YERUN universities’ provide a wide range of opportunities to measure and benchmark against international best practice in university governance and organisation, notably research support and international affairs and to promote and embed improvement within our institutions. Applying experiences gained through participation in professional networks and through exchange opportunities can directly influence the development of strategy or practice, leading to innovation and enhancement of what YERUN do.

In order to achieve this YERUN will:

  • Encourage administrative and professional services staff exchange programmes
  • Encourage virtual networks focussed on particular academic subjects or particular areas of administration
  • Collaborate on multi-partner conferences

Promoting graduate employability and business engagement

YERUN network will promote graduate employability and business engagement, and will be an advocate for universities delivering high-quality, high-value learning, within the wider setting of Europe’s cultural, social and economic needs.

In order to achieve this YERUN will:

  • Champion the value of research-led education
  • Seek ways for our students to benefit from a broader and more diverse educational experience, improving levels of competencies and skills and enhanced employability prospects
  • Encourage student enterprise programmes and internships and placements
  • Advocate the value of business engagement