General Assembly of Yerun Network

YERUN network has celebrated its General Assembly on February 12th at Rome, hosted by Università degli Studi de Roma “Tor Vergata”. The members of YERUN agreed on the composition of the Executive Board of the network, which will be composed of:

  • Prof. Alain Verschoren, Universiteit Antwerpen
  • Prof. Yasemin Karakasoglu, Universitat Bremen
  • Prof. Juan Romo, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Prof. Anthony Forster, University of Essex
  • Prof. Martin Paul, Universiteit Maastricht

During the Assembly, Prof. Juan Romo, Rector of Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, was elected as the President of YERUN for the coming 2 years.

Executive Board will be responsible for creating a proposal for the YERUN Bylaws and the YERUN Strategic Plan for defining the HHRR profile needed for YERUN Secretariat.
YERUN General Assembly set up the target activities for each of its partners. The YERUN strategic plan will define priorities and set precise targets in different areas, especially in Joint Research activities, Erasmus Agreements and strategic partnerships, Grant offices or definition of Double Degrees.